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Local Plan Strategy

1 Social And Economic Regeneration
2 Development Distribution
3 Natural And Historic Environment
4 Green Belt
5 Development In Towns And Villages
6 Local Services & Facilities
7 Housing Land Requirement
8 Affordable Housing
9 Employment Land Requirement
10 Agriculture And The Rural Economy
11 Quality Of Development
12 Implementation

Natural & Built Environment

ENV1 Protection And Enhancement Of Natural Landscape
ENV2 Green Belt
ENV3 Nature Conservation
ENV4 Trees And Hedgerows
ENV5 Open Space
ENV6 Land Resources
ENV7 Development Of Existing Employment Land Outside Defined Development Boundaries
ENV8 Water Resources
ENV9 Air Quality
ENV10 Energy Generation And Energy Conservation
ENV11 Neighbour Amenities
ENV12 Urban Design
ENV13 Building Design
ENV14 Access Design
ENV15 Heritage Conservation, Enhancement, And Interpretation
ENV16 Listed Buildings, Non-listed Buildings Of Local Historic Value And Sites Of Archaeological Importance (including Scheduled Ancient Monuments)
ENV17 Telecommunications


HSG1 Housing Land Allocations And Proposals
HSG2 Affordable Housing
HSG3 Housing Outside Development Boundaries
HSG4 Densities
HSG5 Special Needs Accommodation


ECON1 Industrial Sites
ECON2 Employment Land
ECON3 Protection Of Existing Employment Sites And Buildings Within Development Boundaries
ECON4 Managed Workspace/starter Units
ECON5 Facilities Relating To The Settlement Hierarchy
ECON6 Site At Station Street Including Former Hat Factory, Atherstone
ECON7 Agricultural And Forestry Buildings And Structures
ECON8 Farm Diversification
ECON9 Re-use Of Rural Buildings
ECON10 Tourism And Heritage Sites And Canal Corridors
ECON11 Hotels And Guest Houses
ECON12 Services & Facilities In Category 3 & 4 Settlements

Community Facilities

COM1 New Community Facilities:
COM2 Protection Of Land And Buildings Used For Existing Community Facilities In The Main Towns And Market Towns
COM3 Safeguarding Educational Establishments


TPT1 Transport Considerations In New Development
TPT2 Traffic Management And Travel Safety
TPT3 Access And Sustainable Travel And Transport
TPT4 Public Transport Improvements And New Facilities
TPT5 Promoting Sustainable Freight Movements And Safeguarding Future Freight Opportunities
TPT6 Vehicle Parking
TPT7 Airport Parking

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